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It is not true that your brows have to be over saturated or dark in color to heal well and last. With the right technique and proper aftercare, you can get stable healed results without over saturating. This is what makes us unique in the industry.



Paramedical 3D Areola Realism Tattooing

Booking:  August and September

Case Study #1: Double Mastectomy, Bilateral 3D areola realism tattoo


Case Study #2:  Mastectomy, Unilateral 3D areola realism tattoo


Case Study #3: Double Mastectomy, Bilateral 3D areola realism tattoo

Patient Cases.png

Case Study #4: Double Mastectomy, Bilateral 3D areola realism tattoo


Paramedical tattooing is done just like an artistic tattoo. Specializing nipple illusion building, aiming for realism/detail through treatment. 


We use a tattoo machine and combine different pigments to get the best outcome for treatment. Most patients do not have any feeling in the area, but a topical numbing agent can be used during treatment for comfort.


Treatment details:


These procedures help improve the appearance and self-esteem of both women and men who have undergone breast surgery. An ideal client will need to be 6 months minimum after breast reconstruction surgery to get this treatment. 

This service is often requested as part of a breast reconstruction after a mastectomy and requires advanced education, training, and experience by a Certified Permanent Cosmetic Professional. 

The treatment typically takes 1-2  hours for the entire process. Depending on if the treatment is for a unilateral or bilateral treatment.

Our artistic passion to provide the restoration of the areola/nipple pigment without surgery means nothing more to us than being able to restore the appearance of the areola/nipple to a breast cancer survivor, or anybody else who seeks a nipple/areola treatment or enlargement. We  re-create a 3D realism nipple and areola by custom-blending and shadowing effects to create a natural look in appearance.

  • Top rated realism studio for surgeons to refer their patients

  • Insurance can reimburse the treatment if billed correctly 

  • Results last years if not forever with minor touchups 5 plus years later

  • Great for those wanting to have the appearance of a nipple/areola

Post-Surgery Treatments:

  • Cosmetic Surgery Scarring

  • Breast Lift (Mastopexy)

  • Breast Augmentation

  • Breast Reconstruction (Mastectomy)

  • Breast Reduction

  • Bilateral

  • Unilateral 

  • Breast Augmentation Scarring

  • Reassignment Surgery



  • Appointment time: approx. 2-3 hours depending on each session. We do not like to rush treatment, as we like to look at different areolas to see what your goals are in a consultation prior.

  • A touchup after 7 weeks may not be needed, but the option is there if you want details added. 

    • You can book the initial session directly online by clicking the book appointment button at the top of bottom of the page.

    • Financing options are also available as low as $60 monthly

  • Pain level: clients typically do not have feeling in the area

  • Anesthetics: topical numbing agent is applied for comfort on most treatments if needed

  • Healing: Like. traditional tattoo, keep ointment on the treated area for 1-2 weeks



A detailed aftercare instruction is given to each client through their email right before treatment. Below is a summary of the aftercare instructions you will receive:

  • The first 24-48 hours you will do nothing but keep the dressing on the area

  • Remove dressing after day 3

  • Scabbing process if any: not everybody will peal, it will depend on you personally

  • No sweating for 1-2 weeks post treatment

  • A picture is requested 1 week post treatment after the dressing has been removed

  • No excessive sun exposure to the treated area for 1-2 weeks


This is a very detailed, artistic treatment ideal for breast cancer survivors, but those who have had any type of cosmetic surgery and have lost the appearance of their nipple/areola would also be a candidate if they need a nipple built. The prices below are only to build a full areola and nipple. If you have scarring to the areola area, you would book an areola repair directly on our booking website.

  • Bilateral $900 including the 7-9 week touchup

  • Unilateral $550 including the 7-9 week touchup


How to pay for treatment:

  • Through your insurance

  • Insurance reimbursement

  • Cash/Zelle out of pocket

  • All major credit cards 

  • Payment plan

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