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The #1 Fort Worth, TX soft/natural permanent makeup, medical tattooing, botox injections services, and skilled training academy.


Booking:  August and September

Galore X Studio Pro Academy

The career you didn't even know was possible until you found us! We strive for excellence and setting the bar with our tier option trainings. If you want to get started in PMU, don't take the cheap route, take the most skilled route with us.


Check out our training options below. 

Do you have dreams of starting your own practice offering multiple services? Maybe you do not want your own practice, but you just want to be able to offer multiple services and not limit yourself to one skill. If so, we have the perfect 7 month program for you! It is our top of the line, full practice program with you learning 10 skills. 


We are a luxury practice and academy providing high quality services to all of our clients. Below is a list of our most popular services.

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3D Areola Realism - 4.png
3D Areola Realism - 3.png
3D Areola Realism - 5.png
3D Areola Realism - 2.png
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