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The Home of the Soft Tattooed Powder Brows

Advancing the trajectory behind hyperpigmentated post op scars and not over saturating permanent makeup, we have made a household name!

We are world wide known for our soft powder tattooed brows, 3D areola realism and skin camouflage results.

We focus highly on the
skin integrity and healing of all services while giving long lasting results. Reconstructive Surgeons refer patients to us as the leading areola tattoo experts in Fort Worth, TX!


hy do we focus so highly on skin integrity and more of a softer look with our services?

Our Soft Tattooed Powder Brows treatment is a HOT booking treatment because of this very skill. Focusing on the skin integrity by using the right technique and not over saturating the brows like a traditional tattoo is one of our secrets to softer tattooed brows. There are many parts to achieve the look our clients travel domestically and internationally to get treated by our master artist Shell. If this sounds like something that you can see yourself getting by someone of this skill level, you are in the right place.




Learn a 6 figure career with a master artist, enroll today!

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