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SOFT O M B R É   P O W D E R   B R O W S

1, 2, 3 Day, or 10 week Soft Powder Brows Training Options

  • In person training

  • Deposit: A $1,000 non-refundable or transferrable deposit is required to book. This deposit will go towards the total tuition. 

  • The remaining tuition is due one week before class to get prerequisite online training access to start learning.

  • Payment plans are available

Who is this course for?

  • Beginners with 0 experience looking to become a brow artist & open a beauty business

  • Students who have taken a brow class but do not feel confident

  • Existing PMU artist who are looking to add a new service

  • Existing brow artists who are looking to level up & get a comprehensive training in brows & business

  • Anyone who is serious about starting their 6-figure beauty business





















How to enroll in training through below:

  1. FILL out the form below to let us know which training you are interested in signing up for. 

  2. Someone from the team will contact you to setup a time to talk with Shell personally about the training you chose.

  3. After speaking with Shell and getting the training dates, you will be cleared at that time to enroll in one of our highly anticipated trainings.

Course Requirements:

Must be 18+ years old. No license, permit, or experience required.


  • What is included?
    Certificate of Completion Prerequisite online course access 2 days of hands-on training + online learning materials before the class Premium starter kit with training manual, tattoo machine, needles, pigments, practice skin, brow pencils, eyebrow sticker ruler, shaping tools, procedural tools and more. Live model practice After class online support Access to my online courses post training Chair rental opportunities
  • What will you learn?
    Signature Soft Powder Brow Technique workshop Skin Anatomy, Skin Tone & Undertone Machine Fundamentals Color Theory & Pigments How to map under 10 minutes Brow Mapping Technique workshop Intro to Ombre Powder Brow Theory Ombre Powder Brows vs. Microblading Consent Forms, Pre-Care, & Aftercare Supplies & Vendor Color Theory & Pigments How to properly choose & custom mix colors for your clients Color corrections Procedural Guidelines Different styles of outlining and shading Proper Health & Sanitation Practices How to price your services & raise it How to get your first 10 clients Instagram Marketing Tips & Tricks Live model content session
  • Itinerary
    7 Days Prior to the first day of training Prerequisite online courses will be given prior to training after the remaining balance has been paid in full. In person training is 99% hands-on with very minimal theory! This allows the students to feel confident in their new skill right after training. We will give the students an opportunity to ask questions regarding the online courses during class. Students will be able to ask questions in class regarding the online theories. This class is structured to give as mush information as possible with time for the student to fully understand theory and fundamentals prior to training. Having the ability to watch the material multiple times allows for a high student success rate post training. Day 1 (9:00am-2:00pm) – Hands-On Training & Brand Marketing & Practice Machine Fundamentals Master outlining, shading and the front ombre Practice our signature soft powder brows technique How to map in under 10 minutes workshop How to correct brows that are uneven workshop How to match skin types with the right pigment choice Learn different techniques to produce soft natural results How to gain your first 10 clients Day 2 (9am-2pm) – Live Model and Content Day Client consultation Content session for social media How to properly take photos and videos Properly set up for the treatment Perform the treatment on your model with the guidance and supervision Certificate awarded and photos After The Class Email photos for feedback through email to our team, and we will give you feedback and recommendations. Continue learning and improving with the help of your resources (online courses for 6 months post training, guidance through email from the team at Galore X Studio, and access to chair rentals at Galore X Studio and Academy while you build your brand)
  • Will it be a huge group class?
    No, we max the training out at 2-3 students, so everybody gets the right attention for whichever area they need more assistance with. We keep our trainings very intimate to ensure no student gets left behind. We also offer this class is a private 1:1 setting for an additional +$500. Please contact us at or text us at 682-452-7379 for availbility and enrollment.
  • How does the financing option work?
    Financing Option: Click the link below to choose your payment plan and enroll today.
  • Are you a good fit to train with our academy?
    Our trainings are tailored for the beginner or advanced artist who is passionate about making this career work for them. Our training might not fit, if you don't have the passion and drive to learn as much information as possible through our programs and mentorship to be successful. We have a team that is available to help students with questions and case study inquires even after training. This is an elite program structured for beginners and can be tailored for a more advanced artist. Having the continued education and access will allow students to prevent gaps during their artistry so they can succeed.
  • Is there trainings for already certified artist?
    Yes, advanced training is for 1 day and the tuition is $2,000 with a $500 deposit. You must have serviced at minimum 8 clients and have been certified for a year at minimum to take this course over the 2 day training. Please email for availability to enroll.
  • How much could I possibly make as a PMU brow artist?
    On average, brow artists charge $450-900 for a single service with beginners charging about $250-400 in the beginning. Most brow artists typically make on average $8000-$10,000/month or more. Alot of these is marketing and skill. You can have really good work, and also know how to showcase and edit to gain more clients. It is possible to achieve a 6-figure income the first year as a brow career.

What is pay while you train?

Students are able to pay a deposit and start learning. Throughout the duration of the program there are set payment dates and amounts that need to be paid to go towards tuition, to stay enrolled in the program. 

Do I need to live local for this program?

You would need to be able to travel once a week, bi weekly or every three weekends depending on the program you sign up for. Being local would be ideal, but anybody can enroll if they can meet the requirements.

How often are payments due?

Majority of the payouts are bi-weekly. Students do have the option to pay more on their payout date, but never less than the amount due. Payouts will be confirmed upon enrollment for the program you choose.

Will students get a kit up front?

Students will be provided the tools needed during that portion of training. When the student continues to pay their tuition and the class moves on to the next portion of training, the student will continue to receive the tools needed to complete each portion successfully. All tools are not provided up front, but throughout the training program.

What if I default on a payment date?

A student gets 3 days to make the payment before being removed from the program. This could also delay their tools being on time for class.

How much is the deposit to start pay while you train program?

$1,000 is the non refundable or transferable deposit that will go towards the full tuition of the program. This is all you will pay to hold your seat and start day 1 in class.

Will the student have to be local or close enough to Fort Worth, TX to travel to class weekly?

Depending on the program we will meet 1-2 times weekly or bi- weekly, depending on the program. It will be up to the student to decide if this program would work for their travel expectations. We do still offer 2-3 day classes for those who are traveling far away. Those programs are paid up front. 

Do students get certified after training?

Yes, once the tuition is paid in full, the student has completed all portions of the program, quizzes, clinical and online assignments. 

How soon do these programs start?

We start these programs monthly, so contact us to day to see if you can get in our next class.

What happens if I get removed from the program, but want to finish at a later date?

You would have to pay another deposit and then you can pick up where you left off in the program.

Pay While You Train Program

Training Enrollment Form

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